Carpet Cleaning
Carbonated Cleaning Process
We use a powerful, low-moisture carbonated system, being the only cleaner in Canada with an entire product line that is chemical free and safe enough to drink - perfect for expecting mothers, people with chemical sensitivities, autoimmune disorders, children, pets and those with respiratory illness such as allergies/asthma.
  • Our cleaning process is odor free
  • Our products are virtually residue free
  • Carpets typically dry in 1 to 4 hours
Quickdry uses the same equipment that you would imagine a regular carpet cleaner using. The only difference is that we don’t use steam or chemicals.
Our products (spot removers, traffic prespray, pet urine removers, odor treatments) are in fact the extremely powerful disinfectants - being the only cleaner in Canada with this unique ability to simultaneously clean and disinfect.
Our entire product line is made by the same company based in California - when our products are used together, they work synergistically together to provide the very best results.
Our disinfectants are safe enough to drink, and 5 times more effective than hospital grade disinfectants.
Steam cleaning damages and removes the protective coating on most fabrics. Most carpet cleaners use excessive heat that range from 200C to250C - causing permanent. damage to the protective coating and individual fibres. Steam cleaning removes at least 30% of the protection found on carpet and upholstery. Cleaning with steam dramatically reduces the life of any fabric, causing fabrics to look tired and dull after cleaning.
QuickDry is the only cleaner in Canada that does not offer scotchgarding or fabric protection products... whatsoever! Outside the manufacturing process, applying fabric protection only last on average for 30 days. Protective coating chemicals should never be applied inside a residential setting. Fabric protectors contain “forever chemicals”, and should be avoided The best way to protect your fabrics is to avoid heat/steam cleaning - this will ensure that the. protective coating applied to your fabrics from the manufacturer remains intact. All fabrics that come from a manufacturing process has a set-in protective coating.
1 Cleaning for Life
Once we clean your fabrics, you’ll never need a professional cleaning again. Quickdry provides products to ensure that you can keep your fabrics looking beautiful for years to come. Our products are perfect for cleaning your entire carpeted areas and upholstered items.
We Clean Fine Fabrics, Rugs, Carpets + Upholstery
We Clean
Fine Fabrics, Rugs, Carpets + Upholstery
To put it simply, we are Ottawa’s carpet cleaning at its best! You'll truly be amazed! We've searched the entire world to offer you the strongest and safest possible way to clean your carpets. We perform carpet cleaning miracles on a daily basis using a carbonated cleaning process and we stand behind our product 100%. If you happen to be selling or buying a home or simply want your carpets to look stunning - make no mistake - call us and we guarantee you will be amazed and extremely happy with the results.
“QuickDry did a great job! The carpets look amazing - like night and day!”
Kathryn Brookfield
Our carpet cleaning product is extremely powerful, yet also organic and completely safe for you and your family and pets. Our product is free of chemicals, soaps and detergents and is comprised of ingredients found in nature. Not only is our carpet cleaning solution strong enough for the heaviest soiled carpet, its also environmentally friendly, and it dries most carpets in just one hour! Our carpet cleaning products are safe and beneficial - providing superior indoor air quality which you and your family deserve. At QuickDry™ we understand how important it is to clean with a conscience, and to provide the best and safest possible cleaning that you and your family can enjoy - whether it be in your home or office. Truly, we are the best at what we do, and in a class of our own! If we remove a stain from your carpet and if it returns within the next thirty days, we will come back and treat it again at no extra charge. We assure you will be 100% satisfied with the results.
Carbonated Cleaning
Carpet Cleaning
Odorless,residue free, carbonated cleaning process. You can walk on your cleaned carpets straight away.
Upholstery Cleaning
Our 12 step cleaning process is designed to restore your furniture as close to its original condition as possible.
Oriental Rug Cleaning
Persian, Chinese, Turkish, custom rugs - we professionally clean new and old hand woven rugs.
Pet Urine & Odour
Revolutionary product formulated to eliminate bacteria and urine odours.
Tile & Grout
QuickDry™ is the leader in the "after care" market of tile and grout cleaning.
Flood & Water Damage
QuickDry™ offers 24 Hr. Emergency responses to flood and restoration services.